About Me *:・゚★

I'm a UX Designer with a research background, currently finishing up my final semester as a graduate student in the Human-Computer Interaction program at RIT. Some things I've previously done:
  • UX Design Intern @ Esri
  • Intern Hackathon @ Esri
  • UX/UI Design Intern @ Children and Screens
  • Usability Analyst @ ConcernCenter
  • UX Studio @ RIT
Currently looking for full-time opportunities in user experience and product design :)
Juliann at Monet's Garden in Giverny, France

My Journey

My journey to design wasn't linear - I rediscovered my love for the arts and design during COVID-19 and headed back to school with the hopes of entering the UX field!
Whether it's design or research, my goal is to develop meaningful products that empower people's lives.
In my free time, you can often find me sketching, crocheting, bouldering, or daydreaming about my next trip.



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I'm always open to sharing my experience and working on new projects. Take a peek at my resume to learn more about the projects I've worked on!

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