Esri Internship

Role: UX Designer
Team: Mentor (Justine Leach, Alex Smailes)
Disciplines: UX Research (qualitative), Design Audit, Web Design
Tools: Figma, Sketch, UserTesting, Dovetail, LucidSpark
Timeline: June 2022 - August 2022
Banner that congratualtes me for being an Esri intern

Internship Overview

During my time as a UX Designer at Esri, I worked on 3 projects spanning across different teams.

Want to know more in-depth about the projects I worked on? Please contact me at to find out more!

Project 1: Reimagining the Global E-commerce Experience

Esri is a multinational company that provides geographic information system software across the globe. Due to the complex structure of the global e-commerce space, I synthesized qualitative data in Dovetail from usability tests conducted through UserTesting to create a cohesive and simplified purchasing experience across different countries.
Screenshot of Dovetail dashboard.
A little look into all the research I synthasized!

Project 2: Product Page Audits

Each product that Esri offers has an informative page to learn more about the product. With over 100 product offerings available and design systems consistently being updated, there lies inconsistency between these pages. I organized old design files from Sketch to Figma and also conducted a comprehensive design audit on updated components for over 100 product pages.
Screenshot of ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing product page with inspect tool open.
Using the inspect tool to identify the components.

Project 3: UX/UI Team Page

With the UX/UI Marketing Team at Esri steadily growing, an informative homepage was created for those interested in learning more about the team. I worked on creating wireframes for a potential "How We Work" section of the page giving insights into our deisgn process and team.
Screenshot of Esri's UX/UI team site
A look at the UX/UI Team Website.


Own Your Craft

At the end of the internship, I had to present my work to the UX/UI team to showcase my contributions. When it came to reviewing and polishing my presentation, I was told to be confident and proud of all the work I had done, even if they were team-based!

Don't Be Afraid of Opening Up

As the only intern on the UX team, I found it quite daunting to open up to more seasoned and busy designers on the team. Thankfully, I was onboarded alongside other designers and was able to jump into calls to learn more about other team members! Not only that, I was able to lead a session of the weekly "UX Urgent Care" where I created fun prompts and led discussions on the current work done by designers.