Buffalo Botanical Gardens Redesign

UX/UI Design
Team: Myself (Personal project)
Role: Designer
Timeline: ~ 2 weeks
Two high fidelity prototypes I created for the botanical ticketing process.
How can we simplify the eTicketing process?

Project Overview

The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden and conservatory that has been open to the public since 1900. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals to visit all year round due to their vast array of plants and greenery located in its multiple greenhouses.

As a result of COVID-19, eTickets have been encouraged for admission for The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. This ensures visitors are able to enter the limited capacity gardens. This was a self-lead redesign project completed in December 2020.
Header image showcasing screens designed for the Buffalo Botanical Gardens


I first went through the ticketing process myself on the botanical gardens mobile website. Here are some of the findings I wanted to highlight:
Screenshot of calendar for old botanical garden process
The calendar is viewed horizontally on the phone.
Screenshot of old botanical garden process where you can change the time already selected.
"Selected time" is preselected and time options are small.
Screenshot of old botanical garden process where you enter in billing information.
Checking out does not have consistent theme.



Create an easier viewing experience and efficient usage of screen space when selecting a reservation date


Allow users to choose their reservation time during the process


Develop a more cohesive and simplified experience overall


User flows were created to get a better understanding of the process of creating and completing reservations to attend the botanical gardens.


Streamlined Process

Users no longer have to go back and decide their check-in time, rather, it is a step when selecting a ticket.

The number of pages and steps that users have to go through has also been reduced.

GIF or small video showcasing the new theme and process of getting tickets at the buffalo gardens.
GIF or small video showcasing the new theme and process of completing a transaction at the buffalo gardens.

Cohesive Theme

The design of the site is now more cohesive with a green and pink color palette that can be seen throughout the whole process.

The text and selections have also scaled up in size, allowing users to have an easier time reading and selecting options.


This was my first individual interface redesign project where I was able to deepen my understanding of Balsamiq and Figma. If I could improve on this prototype, I would like to further expand on the “edit cart” functionality and would like to conduct more user tests. I would also consider darkening the background when there are pop ups to create more contrast.